Exploration of algorithms for monitoring honey bee hive condition on the basis of vibrational measurements.

PCA has been applied to the vibrational data from primary swarming events, collected in bothe France and the UK.

The analysis of these data suggest that there is a specific combination of PCA scores that will give a clear alarm significantly in advance of a primary swarming event occurring.

A further study has looked at the PCA analysis of vibrational data from a hive exposed to a substance for the treatment of the varroa mite and this has shown a dramatic and long lasting change in the PCA suggesting it can provide valuable information on hive health.

Analysis of a 100 days vibrational data from INRA, not using PCA, has shown that this can also provide a technique that gives information about colony health during the winter months when the hives cannot be opened.

Accelerometers in bee hive