Repeatability data for swarming prediction

Hives at INRA

It is not normal for a bee keeper to allow uncontrolled swarming to occur as this is detrimental to honey production and in many cases the colonies health.

This means that for this project a dedicated apiary with 20 hives, for which swarming is encouraged through the bee keeping, has been required. This has been established at the INRA site at Avignon in the south of France.

These hives have been fitted with accelerometers to measure the vibrations and commercial monitoring equipment continuously records the spectrum of these vibrations. Swarming data was logged at the apiary during the 2014 swarming season.

For the 2015 swarming season data will also be logged at two apiaries in Belgium managed by CARI and at a further apiary which has been set up at the Brackenhurst campus of NTU.