Swarmonitor Consortium

swarmonitor consortium members

The Bee Farmers Association of the United Kingdom(BFA) is the strongest representing organisation for professional commercial beekeepers in the UK committed to enhancing practice and disseminating the latest techniques and knowledge amongst its members. With around 300 members this represents the entire commercial bee farmer community in the UK.

Centre Apicole de Recherche et d'Information(CARI), the Research and Information Centre for bee culture has developed a beekeeping experience recognized nationally and internationally. The laboratory specializes in identifying the botanical origin of honey (physico-chemical and pollen analysis).

The European Professional Beekeepers Assocation(EPBA) is the overseeing organisation for all beekeeping associations across Europe.

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique(INRA), the National Institute for Agricultural Research in France conducts research in agriculture, food, nutrition and food safety, environment and land management, with particular emphasis on sustainable development.

Nottingham Trent Universityis one of the largest higher education establishments in the UK and a leading 'new' UK university.

Arniaare manufacurers of remote hive monitoring systems.

Capazproduces the Capaz balance for remote bee hive monitoring.

Szomelis a technical design bureau specialized in telecommunications related developments. In the engineering sector they design channel coding/decoding as well as modulating/demodulating algorithms and methods. They also develop custom protocols and RF output/input stages for use in communications.